Sunday, January 20, 2008

So you're saying theres a chance...

So... another weekend passes and I decided to casually pursue the bartender from the previous post.
Day 1: i see her (friday) and hang out with her and make good with the guy she is with. I'm still not sure of his real status. We're drinking heavily (and with other friends) and end up sharing a cab w/ them and getting dropped off at my house. Synopsis: She's still fun and flirty even when she's not tending bar, but I'm still not sure where he comes into the equation.
Day 2: I go to the bar (where she works) with friends to watch UFC 80 ( go Penn!) We're there for half an hour. I see her come in immediately after I send a txt to her and her friend (the guy) saying I had fun, but sorry if I was a drunken fool, because I was in fact, a drunken fool. Immediately after i send it I see her show up, but pretend not notice (just to see what happens). She comes over, says hey, checks on how I'm doing (apparently she was well aware that i was a drunken fool) and we BS for a few minutes. The night progresses, we talk for a little while but she's busy most of the night. I catch her eye a few times, and steal a few glances. The night comes to an end with her 'friend' showing up saying numerous times how many girls are in here... My conclusion, they're not together as he is clearly on the prowl. I go home, and I'm feeling anxious. After being generally persuaded by my friend that it's OK if I was to send a generic txt to see if she wanted to do something sometime I type something up and send it off. An hour later I get a reply, she's up for it! Synopsis: don't be such a pussy and listen to your friends once in a while.
Now, I have to think of something incredible to do, it's been ages since i've been on a 'real' date.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hey Bartender

So, I dont want this to turn into a "every time i meet a new girl" blog, but alas, I dont pay hosting fees, no one reads this, so i can post what I want.
So tonight I think I decided I wanted to date a bartendress (i 'm guessing that's the female version of the word bar tender) So, here's where the confusion sets in. I know from my years of not dating tons of girls that bartenders are off limits. Guys flirt with them all the time, and they'll flirt back. Tips are good, they go home to there boyfriends and the guys at the bar deal w/ the rejection. I mean hey it's a bar tender, it's not like you had a chance anyway.
So a friend notices that I'm interested and asked. I tell her the same as what's written above. She disagrees.. Says she saw the bartendress blush as I return her genericly sexual volley. Do I think twice about it, or just accept that she is a tender and move on.
On another note, she was also seen flirting and laughing with another guy on the opposite side of the bar.... Was that her boy, or just another tip( money.... pervert)
I'll prolly just let it pass, and miss another opportunity

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

No posts must be a good thing

So, no posts must me things are peachy right? No need to share my thoughts on love, relationships, and culture with the world. I've been in a state of nirvana for the past year yes? Not so much. The past year has been an interesting one. Well, actually, it hasn't really. I broke up with (read: was broken up with) my last girl friend sometime last spring and have been single since. I've had roommates come and go, loved ones pass on, but all in all it was just another year. I have a lot of things I want to do, and just haven't done yet. Write music, not just poems or notes, but a full and complete song. No, a full and complete album of songs. And not to for fame, fortune, etc. I just like recognition for doing something good and creative that people (other than myself) can enjoy. Someday I guess. I'm looking for a new job, as I've hit the wall at my current job. I'm tired of being at beckon call, and getting no more than an email thank you every 3rd time i go above and beyond the call of duty. It's just not worth my time. Maybe I'll leave the IT industry for a while, and maybe I wont. No telling what this year holds. I'm sure lots of laughs, probably a handful of tears, and hopefully some awkward kisses.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Trust vs. Uncertainty

Recently while out with friends something jumped into my head. The situation is this. I recently began dating a new girl, who is great. She had planned to come out with myself and some friends that evening but she had promised an old friend that should would go out and get a drink with them before hand. Almost instantly I became curious as to whom she was going out with. Yes, to most that seems like a rational first thought, but to me it wasn't. I almost felt a bit jealous simply because I didn't know who she was going out with. With girls I had been dating in the past, I had never even though twice about such a thing. I didn't care in the slightest, however this time I did. Why?
Well i came up with two ideas as to why.
1. After my last few longer last relationships (5+ months) I was the person who was (in the end) broken up with. Either because the Ex wanted to see someone else, she cheated, or apparently just because. Have I overtime just become less trusting of women and not noticed it? I don't really think so, but perhaps.
2. In my last longer lasting relationships there wasn't much I had to do to be with these women. They showed a very strong interest in dating me. I didn't need to do much 'courting' I was very sure that they all definitely wanted to be with me, however with my current girl friend I was strongly pursuing her. She was much less forward in the whole ordeal than past girls. My guess is that because I'm less sure about how much she really wants to be with me that I'm much more cautious about things she's doing without me.
So what did I do when she went out? Nothing. I asked no questions, as to whom she was with or what she was doing. Regardless she ended up telling me about her evening. Turns out it wasn't a big deal at all. She went out to see an old friend from high school who was back in town for the holidays and had a drink then came out to me with me and some other friends. Hopefully, in the future I don't get these thoughts, and if I do, I should put them to rest based on what happened this time.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

And here we are

I have yet to read a blog that i like that has an interesting fist post, so why bother trying to change what can not. Welcome to the Rat Bed where Rational Thought Be Damned. This is a personal blog where I'll post thoughts and feelings that I my regular blog readers need to see. Whats the point? I dont know, someone might enjoy see what I think. Keep in mind that the thoughts and views expressed here are mine and mind alone, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.